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Warner Bros TV sent me an email with “Amell’s abs” in the subject line. Naturally, that is my favorite type of email.

A fan at Comic Con asked Stephen Amell when he would take off his shirt. He’s a great sport.

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Part 3 of 3 of my sit down with Jensen Ackles, during which we talk all about him as a director. Minor spoilers still ahead for season 10 of Supernatural.

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Jensen ponders…then is proud of himself.

(I’m testing out making my own GIFs)

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I seriously love it when I find GIFs of my interviews— even if my (c) stamp gets cut off in said GIFs.

Also, this mash-up is amazing.

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I sat down with Jensen Ackles to talk about Demon!Dean in season 10 of ‘Supernatural' and how he approached playing this version of the character differently from the past years. We also discussed Dean's upcoming dalliance with a new woman on the show, the relationship with Sam, and whether or not Dean will “still be proud” of them after the actions in season 10 (at least so far).

Seriously, spoilers. DO NOT say I didn’t warn you.

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